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Quotes have been used for many purposes. Thus, many people are taking quotes from the famous movies they watched. These quotes are usually words of the leading actors and actresses. You have watched so many movies, which is possible for you to know even one popular movie quote. While watching the movie, you will get hooked to the characters that give you a certain feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Perhaps, you might have a favorite movie and a few of the lines are memorized that makes you enjoy while watching.

Many years have passed, there are a lot of great movies where the top 100 movie quotes came from. With that alone, it serves as added entertainment to the film. These quotes keep up with the most popular and latest movies updated. The genre, actors, and the storyline of the movies make it very well-loved by the people.

Movies’ iconic lines

The movies’ iconic lines have been used as quotes, which made the movie more popular. You may have the top movie quotes from among the popular movies of all time. Here are the following popular movies with their famous iconic lines:


  • Avengers: End Game, 2019. “I love you, 3000”
  • Black Panther, 2019. “Wakanda forever”
  • Taxi Driver, 1976. “You talking to me?”
  • Love Actually, 2003. “To me, you are perfect”
  • Shrek, 2001. “Ogres are like onions”
  • Finding Nemo, 2003. “Just keep swimming”
  • Star Wars, 19997. “May the force be with you”
  • Black Panther, 2018. “Is this your king?”
  • The Terminator, 1984. “I’ll be back”
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 1991. “Hasta la vista, baby”
  • Gladiator, 2000. “Are you not entertained?”

These are one of thousands of famous iconic lines from popular movies. Perhaps, you have watched them. You started to recall after hearing these famous lines.

Iconic lines with valuable meaning

Some of you think that these iconic lines are simply scripted. It is made to make the movies more entertaining. But, a few of these lines are not simply iconic lines to make a beautiful script. But, it comes with valuable meanings as well. The way it has been delivered in the movie makes it remarkable in the minds of the viewers, yet it has something in it. Thus, many people are borrowing these lines for personal purposes. Aside from making the lines on the script beautiful, it also gives lessons and inspiration. Some kept these quotes to give them inspiration and motivation to face the challenge in their daily lives.

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