How to Buy Commercial Insurance

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Commercial insurance is meant to help protect the commercial business owner, their employees, and anyone else involved in commercial operations. Commercial insurance can cover many different aspects of commercial operations, including commercial vehicles, commercial real estate, commercial buildings, commercial property, and commercial liability, among others. All businesses need commercial general liability coverage for protection against bodily injury or property damage on your premises or on third-party property related to your business. What does this mean? This means that if you offer a service at your place of business (i.e., hair salon) and someone falls getting out of the bathtub due to wet floor conditions, they may sue you for damages. Another example will be if someone slips on some ice outside your building – also known as premises liability.

In commercial insurance glendale az, commercial auto insurance can fall into three main categories: general liability, commercial auto policy, commercial package policy commercial umbrella policy.

In the commercial package policy, the insured uses this type of commercial automobile insurance to get a broader range of protection. In this type of commercial automobile coverage, the business is protected from any legal obligations in the event of an accident while using a vehicle for some other commercial purpose besides commuting to and from work.

Commercial Umbrella Policy will also extend the amount of coverage you have on your standard policies. It has higher limits than what’s offered by commercial auto or commercial property insurance companies.

Accordingly, not having Commercial Auto Insurance will put your company’s assets at risk of being sued by another driver if you were found to be legally responsible for an accident where commercial auto insurance would provide coverage.

So commercial insurance is a mandatory requirement by law for commercial vehicles, and all commercial insurances are required to cover injury or death of third parties besides bodily injuries and property damage of your own business vehicle.

Most commercial carriers will include business liability, commercial package policy, commercial umbrella policy, commercial auto insurance, and commercial fleet insurance under one single commercial insurance plan so as to reduce the premium amount and simplify the purchase process of commercial auto insurance. At the same time, these plans do not provide collision or comprehensive coverage, which comes into play only if another car is damaged or stolen. So, in my opinion, before purchasing any commercial automobile policy, it is necessary that you should understand your needs first and should try to cover all your commercial vehicles with a single plan.

Hope this will help you in understanding commercial insurance and making an informed decision while purchasing commercial auto insurance.

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