Process of Using best IPL Hair Removal Singapore

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One has purchased an IPL hair removal device and one is ready to leave the skin soft and hair-free. Anyway, how would one use this gadget? In this article, here is the best ipl hair removal Singapore tips to get the best result. One can start by returning the defensive glasses to the dresser. Flames do not harm the eyes.

start on schedule

Did one buy the gadget for a unique event, an occasion, or would one like to have soft legs in late spring? Remember that it takes 6 to 12 weeks to get a proper result. This is because light reflections make the hair follicles inert briefly, so they produce hair after a while. To ensure that the hair doesn’t grow back, one needs to redo the treatment every 4 to about two months.

Select the right light strength

Hair removal devices have different light strengths. The strength of light one need depends on the complexion and hair tone. In case one chooses some unacceptable light power, there is the possibility of hurting or consuming the skin. The gadget’s suitability also diminishes, because light reflections cannot reach hair follicles. It’s good to check the manual to see which light strength is best for one.

Before treatment

It is recommended not to expose thy self to the sun or use a tanning bed within 48 hours of treatment. There is a possibility that the tanned skin could damage, copy or stain. For the initial 3 to 6 medications, it is important that one shave or shave the area needed to eliminate hair 24 hours before treatment. That’s because the light reflections heat the hair follicles to ensure the strands stop developing for some time. So if there is any hair, it can be consumed and it doesn’t smell decent. Try not to use hair removal cream or ointment before starting the IPL treatment. This prevents the flames from reaching the hair follicles and the cream or ointment being consumed during the treatment.

The treatment

To keep things sane, it is prescribed to divide the surface needed to remove hair from the regions. One can do this with a white eyeliner pencil, for example. Along these lines, one knows exactly which regions one made and which ones one needs to make. Try not to use a matte eyeliner as the glare from the light falls on this more cloudy shading and this can make scuff marks.

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