When to report a weapon?

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The law provides for the obligation to report weapons to protect public safety. Here is a guide on when and how to report them to avoid problems and penalties.

These can be obtained through specifications specifically provided for by law and subject to certain authorizations by the Authorities.

But what happens when you need to move a weapon? First of all we must know that if you have a weapon to practice hunting, a sporting activity or for any other reason, we must report it to the public safety authority. In this way each weapon is always reconnected to the person who holds it to protect public safety Conversion kits

However, it may happen that you have to move the weapon from one place to another (perhaps for temporary needs). What happens in these cases? Do you also need to file a complaint to transfer a weapon?

Anyone who holds weapons, parts of them […] finished ammunition or explosive materials of any kind must report them within 72 hours following the acquisition of their material availability . […] The report of detention must be resubmitted whenever the owner transfers the weapon to a place other than that indicated in the previous report” , explains article 38 of the Tulps , i.e. the Consolidated text for public safety laws (royal decree no. 773 of 1931).

The declaration of weapons is a declaration , and it follows that for its presentation the affixing of the revenue stamp is not envisaged , but must be drawn up on unstamped paper. Furthermore, for many years police stations and carabinieri stations have required that there be three copies , one of which, after being stamped and authenticated, is returned to the person who presented it.

The general rule states that minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to have licenses or keep weapons at home , except for skeet shooting disciplines: from the age of 14, in fact, it is possible to use the company’s tools, subject to registration with FITAV and CAS . On the other hand, no license or declaration is required for compressed air or gas weapons with a power lower than 7.5 joules.

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The various aspects of reporting a weapon

 How to report a weapon

 How many weapons can you keep at home

 How much ammunition can you have at home

 Where to buy weapons

 The inherited weapons

 Penalties for failure to report.

As we have said, the purchase and possession of weapons and/or ammunition, as well as any change of residence of the owner, must be reported within 72 hours to the police station or police station; alternatively, if these are not present in your municipality, you can go to the nearest headquarters.

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