The different ways to scan documents in Samsung galaxy phones

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Every now and then, everyone scans documents. Thankfully, smartphones have made document digitization much simpler by eliminating the need for large scanners. There are some finest approaches to document scanning on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Now that a document scanner is built into your Samsung Galaxy device, you can quickly scan items like business cards, notes, and letters by simply tapping them.

Simply launch the Camera app on your phone and point it at a document to test it out. As you proceed, the scanner will display a yellow rectangle around the document’s boundaries along with a “Scan” button in the middle. When you’re done, click “Scan,” and the file will be saved in your Galaxy’s Gallery so you may save it or share it.

As soon as the update is installed, this function is turned on by default. However, you may double-check by going to the Camera app’s settings, selecting “Scene optimizer,” and then making sure “Document scan” is enabled. Read to know How To Scan Documents with a Samsung Galaxy S22.

Document Scanning Using the Camera app:

You won’t need to look far if your Samsung phone is running One UI 2.0 or later because the Camera app includes a scanning feature. Even though the feature is already enabled on your Samsung phone, it never hurts to check just in case.

Use the Microsoft Office app to scan documents:

The Samsung Galaxy phone’s Camera app is pretty useful when you only need to scan a single unusual document, but it doesn’t provide a way to scan many pages of a document. You may use the Microsoft Office app for that, which, by the way, is already pre-installed on your Samsung Galaxy phone as a result of the two companies’ long-standing collaboration.

Use the Google Drive app to scan documents:

Even while Microsoft Office includes a number of scanning features, if you’re dependent on Google’s goods and services, it might not be the best option for you. In that situation, you can scan documents using the Google Drive app on your phone.

The greatest solutions for scanning documents on your Samsung Galaxy phone are thus those. Each technique has advantages of its own. The camera app is the quickest way to scan items if you only need to scan one page.

Your scanned papers are, however, only kept in the form of an image. As a result, you’ll have to go above and beyond to turn those photographs into a PDF. Depending on which ecosystem you prefer, Microsoft Office or Google Drive are superior options if you frequently need to scan documents.