Do You Really Get High from the CBD Oil?

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Concerns on CBD oil start off with a question as whether you will get high from taking CBD oil. That is not surprising, because CBD oil is actually made from hemp? Isn’t this what cannabis is actually made from too? No, the story is incorrect. In today’s article you will read what is actually a case & why you may confidently take Blessed CBD without even getting high.

Benefits of CBD – What to Know?

The products with the CBD might not have over 0.05% THC. And THC is a substance that causes feeling of high and stoned. However, at this quantity substance just can’t engender feeling of going high. Mainly not in the combination with huge quantity of the CBD that actually suppresses such feeling. The CBD oil is the products where law prescribes that this must not have over 0.05% THC.

Short answer to the question: No, it is not possible to get high from the CBD oil. It is what both the CBD oil & cannabis oil are actually made from: flowers of Cannabis Sativa, collective name for hemp & weed.

Some articles online are confusing the cannabis oil with the CBD oil. Difference lies in many things that we are going to explain briefly.

1) Cannabis oil isn’t permitted to be sold. Some country has the tolerance policy for self-production of the cannabis oil for the personal use.

2) CBD oil might have maximum 0.05% THC & production will be regulated and controlled by different governmental bodies.

3) CBD oil comes from the hemp plants that have to be approved first- in plant form and these might have maximum of 2% THC.

4) Cannabis oil will be produced very easily from the self-cultivated weed by using the Cannolator for example.

5) Difference in what we call as cannabis & hemp lies in percentage of the permitted* THC. The limit will be set to over 0.2% for the plants. Furthermore, we’re talking about the hemp if it’s the varieties known for producing virtually no THC & is on a list.


Thus it can be that a person who said that you can get high from the CBD had wrong information. That is not a problem providing you realise they were referring to the cannabis oil. Even though plants resemble each other (but they are same plant type and different varieties, strains and cultivars), we’re not talking about the cannabis but hemp if a plant complies with the strict conditions.

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